Sol is about going back to basics, stripping back the layer of chemicals society has influenced us to use & giving an alternative for those who are concerned about what they put into there body & how it effects the surroundings we live in.

Our Sol mission is not just about offering an organic alternative for us its a journey of educating as many people as possible on the damaging effects that chemicals in sunprotection have on our reefs, marine life and our own human bodies. 


We really believe in our product. Sol has been tried and tested by avid surfers and outdoor enthusiasts. On all kinds of water sports as well as land activities and snow, in many different countries and climates, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Mexico to name a few! The feedback we have received has been amazing, and solidified our mission that you can use a 100% Natural sun protection that works!

We use ethnically sourced sustainable ingredients that work together to give you a long lasting affordable product. We will never stop improving Solzinc!

EST. 2015